Choose the Perfect Fence for Your Needs and Budget

Choose the Perfect Fence for Your Needs and Budget

Schedule new fence installation in Cheyenne, WY & Wellington, CO

Do you want to add privacy and security to your property? Workman Fencing provides professional fence installation services in Cheyenne, WY & Wellington, CO and the surrounding area. We install them correctly the first time and can tear down and haul away your old fencing, if needed. We offer the following fencing options:

  • Vinyl fencing: Choose between a 4-foot picket fence or a 4-foot privacy fence.
  • Cedar fencing: A 6-foot cedar fence adds a layer of privacy and security.
  • Double split-rail fencing: Our 3.5-foot option is an attractive addition to any property.
  • Round-post fencing: A 4-foot round-post fence is an excellent option for a ranch.
  • Country-style fencing: Add character to your lawn with a country-style fence.
  • Chain-link fencing: Install an affordable chain-link fence for extra security.

You can expect our fence installation team to leave your yard in better shape than we found it, which may involve raking leaves and tidying up flower beds.

Call 307-757-6652 now to schedule your free fence installation consultation in Cheyenne, WY & Wellington, CO, and we'll discuss which fencing options are right for you.

How could you benefit from a brand-new fence?

Do you need a little separation from your neighbors, or an extra layer of security around your property in the Cheyenne, WY area? It's time to get a fence installation. A skilled fencing contractor from Workman Fencing will help you decide on the right type of fence for your space and install it with the utmost care.

If you're not sure a fencing contractor can really add value to your property, keep in mind that a fence can increase your property's:

  • Privacy, by making your home less visible to prying eyes.
  • Security, by keeping intruders from getting into your yard.
  • Safety, by keeping children and pets from straying into the road.
  • Appearance, by shielding any imperfections from view.
  • Value, by creating a backyard oasis that potential buyers will love.

Protect your property in the Cheyenne, WY area. Call 307-757-6652 now to schedule fence installation services.

Install a dog run for your furry friend

Does your dog need a safe place to run around and play fetch? If you don't want to fence in your whole property, a dog run is the perfect option. It allows plenty of room for your dog to sprint and play without surrounding your entire property.

To learn more about dog runs or our other fence installation services, contact Workman Fencing today.