Add an Attractive Cedar Fence to Your Property

Add an Attractive Cedar Fence to Your Property

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Do you want a fence that adds value to your property and updates your home’s curb appeal? Workman Fencing offers quality cedar fencing installations. Cedar Fencing is a popular option for homeowners who want a fence that’s beautiful and durable. Unlike other wood fence options, cedar fences maintain their shape and weather over time.

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3 ways our cedar fences outlast the competition

Make a solid investment when you buy a cedar fence that’s installed by Workman Fencing. In order to install a cedar fence that stands the test of time, we use:

1. Cedar two-by-fours: Cedar is one of the most durable types of wood available, so your cedar fence will last longer than other fencing options.
2. Heavy-duty posts: The foundation of your cedar fence is secured with heavy-duty posts that stand up to the elements.
3. Coated screws: We use coated screws to give your fence a professional, finished look.

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